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Just as Facebook connects friends and LinkedIn connects professionals, the current TraDove platform connects business partners with its business social network. The next generation platform will utilize blockchain and AI driven social networking technologies to further shorten the corporate buyer & seller discovery cycle, enhance B2B transparency, expand user trust, and allow for company-to-company precision advertising. Additionally, BBCoin will provide a better payment instrument for international trade. We have been in business for 5 years and now have 250K corporate users worldwide. We are honored to announce that TraDove has raised $4M in equity investment.

About TraDove
Short Brief about TraDove ICO PROJECT with a score of 8.1, and this report was written on 22 June, 2018.
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ICO PROJECT was in process at 22 June, 2018
Ico Start date was on 1 February, 2018, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 26 August, 2017 with Subject TraDove B2B ICO - World's first B2B coin.
Subject started by tradove who now has 180 and the status Jr. Member on BT website.

Startup END DATE was 28 February, 2018

ICO PROJECT has chosen Ethereum token staging and collected raise $52,000,000.

Company has 12 consultants, some of them:

Preston Junger ( Advisor ) who was seen in Startup Vanywhere (Co-Founder of Mile Square Labs), (Pre-ICO) (Board Advisor), Datablockchain, TraXion (International Blockchain Advisor).

Richard Rosenberg

Gerhard Schulmeyer (Strategic Advisor).
Business, Finance and General Management
Sales, Marketing and Business Development
Blockchain Technology, AI, Product Development
Sales and Business Development, Europe
Network, Security, Big Data and Cloud
Web Marketing, User Acquisition
Mobile Development
User Experience and User Interface
Board Member
Investor & Board Member
Investor & Board Member
Q4 2017
Revamp and improve UI in web platform
Q1-2 2018
Improve current iOS app, complete Android app development
Reach critical mass in major industries 1000000 - 3000000 users
Q2-3 2019
Get sales personnel to use BBCoin for sale activities, get companies to use BBCoin to pay for precision advertising
Q3-4 2020
Get companies to use BBCoin to pay for International Trade
token info
Token Name BBCoin
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Amount For Sale 500,000,000
Preico Token Price 1 BBCoin = 0.12 USD
Ico Token Price 0.1600 USD
Ico Token Supply 15%
investment info
Fundraising Value $52,000,000
Personal Cap Min 240 USD
Accept Currencies BTC, ETH, Fiat
Soft Cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 52,000,000 USD
Restricted Areas No restrictions
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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