Marketplace of Trading Algorithms

Tradingene is a blockchain-based auction platform that makes possible the creation and use of algorithms to trade in cryptocurrency and the most popular financial instruments. Tradingene brings to the market some amazing innovations, including an accessible, technologically advanced, easy-to use web platform for creating and testing algorithms; online courses for algorithm creators; competitive auctions for algorithms; and a blockchain-based system to record auction results and conclude smart contracts between algorithm creators and investors. These innovations solve the vast majority of market problems.

About Tradingene
Short Brief about Tradingene ICO PROJECT with a score of 7.5, and this report was written on 1 July, 2018.
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ICO PROJECT was alive at 1 July, 2018

Startup END DATE was 1 July, 2018

ICO PROJECT has chosen Waves token staging.

Company has 9 consultants.
Stas Tikhonov ( Investment Advisor ) who was seen in Startup Alt.Estate (Partner at Knight Frank, angel and venture capital investor).

Sasha Ivanov (Blockchain advisor).
He was seen working at Ink Labs Foundation (CEO of Waves Platform) ICO PROJECT
Project Lawyer
CEO and Co-founder
Business Development & Co-founder
COO & Co-founder
Head of Market Research & Trading
Project Manager
Lead Programmer
Python Developer
С++ Developer
Head of Traders Support
Blockchain advisor
Investment Advisor
Strategy Advisor
Machine Learning Advisor
Trading advisor
Investment Advisor
Investment Advisor
Project start-up.
Q3 2014
Product conception. System architecture development.
Connection to stock exchanges.
Q2 2015
Test enviroment launch of algorithm creators. Development of the first algorithms.
Q3 2015
Testing of algorithms filtering and rating system; exploration of feasibility of signal transmission to investor accounts.
Q4 2015
Connection to stock exchanges. Development of trading platform and the system's core elements.
Q1 2016
Development of user interface for algorithm creators. Tradingene Timeline Closed Beta-test among the initial algorithm creators. Algorithm programming in Lua language.
Q3 2016
Application of Machine Learning strategies and development of user interface for algorithm creators.
Q1 2017
Tradingene public product launch for algorithm creators. Broadening of financial instruments for algorithm creation. Draft documentation for users.
Q2 2017
Launch of online educational course for algorithm creators.
Q3 2017
Tradingene Timeline Development of user interface prototype for investors.
Q4 2017
Tradingene Timeline ICO preparation.
Q1 2018
Q2 2018
Introduction of algorithm development in Python, Improvement of beta test environment. Connection to cryptocurrency exchanges. Marketplace and mobile application development.
Q3 2018
Launch of mobile applications and Telegram bots for investors. Launch of analytic products, forecasts, alerts bots.
Q4 2018
Launch of Algorithm Auctions with auction results and smart contracts entered onto blockchain.
Q1 2019
Trading of cryptocurrencies exchanges begins. Connection to stock markets and futures exchanges.
Q2 2019
Integration with brokerage platforms.
Q3 2019
Cooperation with other blockchain services for algorithmic processing and algorithm storage.
Q4 2019
Expansion of opportunities for algorithm purchase and platform-based fund of algoritms creation.
Geographical expansion of trade platforms, growth of user base, and broadening of assets tradable by algorithm.
token info
Token Name Tradingene/ TNG
Token Platform Waves
Token Amount For Sale 24,000,000
Ico Token Price 1.0000 USD
Ico Token Supply 70%
investment info
Fundraising Value $1,428,166
Accept Currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, Waves
Soft Cap 4,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 12,000,000 USD
Restricted Areas None
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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