SafeCrypt is a cryptoe xchange platform which is fail-safe by design. We expect to capture up to 9.6% of the cryptoexchange market share which already shows more than $500bln capitalization. The platform is being based on the most secure model so far — does not oblige you to store your assets within the platform in order to perform crypto-trading operations which prevents any chance for the traders to lose their crypto assets. A total of 850 000 BTC disappeared along with mt.Gox, more than $400 mln with Coincheck. We are designing a fail-safe platform to prevent such disasters from reoccurring and stabilize the crypto-market. The main premise of is to provide a zero-risk full-spectrum crypto-trading functionality and complete anonymity for the traders.

About SafeCrypt
Short Brief about SafeCrypt Initial Coin Offering with a mark of 7.4, and this conclusion was written on 24 July, 2018.

Bear in mind that the information you see right now may change.

Initial Coin Offering is alive and has 91 days and 12 hours left.
Ico Start date was on 2 May, 2018, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 3 June, 2013 with Subject [ANN][ICO][PRESALE] SafeCrypt.IO || Fail-safe by Design Cryptoexchange.
Subject started by gijoes who now has 504 and the status Hero Member on BT site.

Startup END DATE is on 23 October, 2018 so move quickly.

Initial Coin Offering has chosen Ethereum token staging.

Company has 4 consultants, some of them:

James Sowers ( ICO & Blockchain Advisor ) who was seen in Startup Gizer (Sale Advisor), Docademic (Advisor), Crypto Angel (Blockchain Advisor), Squeezer (Blockchain Advisor), Digitize (ICO Advisor).

Jason Hung as Blockchain Tech & ICO Advisor who took part in these projects: IQeon (ICO Adviser), Invest in Brokers (Strategy Advisor), Properbuz (Member of Advisory Board), CryptoAds, SportsFix (BLOCKCHAIN EXPERT)

Tyler Sanford (ICO Marketing & Branding Advisor). He was seen working at SMARTRealty (Community Outreach) Initial Coin Offering
Marketing Advisory & Local Community Management (Western Europe)
Co-founder / Business
Financial AI and Data Security Advisor
Co-founder / Analytics
Head Graphic Designer -
CTO / Back-office Development
Tech R&D and Automation Advisor
Full Stack Blockchain & Web Developer
Communty Management -
Blockchain Tech & ICO Advisor
ICO & Blockchain Advisor
Expert ICO Advisor
ICO Marketing & Branding Advisor
Cryptoexchange Market Analysis. Problem Identification. Search for Possible Solutions. Forming a Core Team. Evaluation of a Range of Solutions. Seed Funding Provided (4 240 ETH). Development of a Platform Blueprint. Establishing Testing Methods for Platform Models.
Q1, 2017
Platform Prototyping Initiated (web). Additional Funding Received (~10 935 ETH). Team Growth. SafeCrypt Prototype Developed (web). SafeCrypt Web Platform Prototype Testing. Stakeholder Meeting to Evaluate Project Needs. Decision to Prepare and Issue ICO.
Q2-Q3, 2017
Engaging Qualified Consultants and Designers. Establishing System Security Standards. Pre-ICO Operationalization of SafeCrypt Framework. SafeCrypt Mobile Version Development Started. Financial Risks Evaluation. SafeCrypt Token Value Estimation. Whitepaper and Website Development Started.
Q4 2017- Q2 2018
SafeCrypt Closed Alpha Testing (Android). Public ICO Announcement. Pre-ICO Marketing Activities. ICO + updates (see p.22 for more details). Preparing and Establishing the Action Plan. Recruitment of new qualified specialists. System Security Development Started. Closed Alpha-testing of SafeCrypt Web Platform. Bugfixes and Optimization for the Alpha Version. Highload System Architecture Development.
Q3, 2018 - Q1, 2019
Closed Beta Available to the Project Backers. Collecting and Analysing of the Feedback Data. Marketing Campaign Planning. Open Beta Testing of the Platform (web and mobile). Collecting and Analysis of Public Feedback Data. Final Marketing Campaign Planning. Open Beta Testing of the Platform (web and mobile). Collecting and Analysing the Public Feedback Data. Pre-Release Bugfixes and Optimization. UI Adaptation for the Sight Impaired Users.
Q2, 2019 onwards
Development of Secure Cloud Environment. Public Release of SafeCrypt Web and Mobile Versions. Popularizing and Global Scaling of the Platform. Achieving Global Cryptomarket Security and Stability. Steady Growth of the Platform Boosting Token Value. Research and Implementation the Advanced. Technologies in the System Updates.
token info
Token Name SFC Token
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 1,535,714,285 SFC
Token Amount For Sale 1,075,000,000
Ico Token Price 0.0458 USD
Ico Token Supply 70%
investment info
Fundraising Value Unknown
Accept Currencies ETH,BTC
Restricted Areas No restrictions
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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