The Power of Connectivity

RightMesh AG is on a mission to connect the next billion people and lift 100 million out of poverty. We are putting the power of connectivity right into the hands of the people. We believe in the rights of an individual and net neutrality. A person has a right to privacy, security, freedom of expression, and freedom of association. We believe that when you give a person the ability to earn, contribute, own property, and generate value, the Community benefits. We believe in doing the right thing. Basic human decency appears not to be so basic anymore. Just because we believe in the rights of the individual, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a responsibility to care for and protect each other and the planet. There are things we all share: humanity, the air, the environment, knowledge, ideas. If we take care of these not-so-little things, we are all better for it. We believe we are fortunate to live in a world where technology can enable and protect these rights. As such, it is our responsibility to create an ecosystem that connects the world, empowers a new generation of digital entrepreneurs, and allows the unconnected to access content and information that improves their life outcomes and makes the world a better place for all. We believe these things are right. WE ARE RIGHTMESH.

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About RightMesh

At RightMesh AG, we have created new technology platform and protocol for connecting users in an ad hoc wireless mesh network, and in so doing, we are creating new connectivity options and improved outcomes to billions of unconnected users around the world—all while providing a pathway to a new Internet for all. The fight for Net Neutrality is real. A decentralized mobile mesh networking platform, powered by blockchain technology and tokenization, can put the power of connectivity back into the hands of the people.

Core to the platform is an Ethereum account and identity layer that uniquely identifies every mesh node. In an off-the-grid mesh world, when linking multiple hotspots and networks together, traditional identity methods (IP addresses) will not work adequately. The network’s approach to mesh participation and activation solves this problem. We believe that when you combine blockchain-based technologies, token incentivization, and wireless mesh networks—you unleash the potential of both technical and economic network effects while making a lasting difference on the world around you.

We call this the RightMesh™ project.

With RightMesh™, the devices people already carry around everyday form the infrastructure. This is a software-based solution running as a background process on a device that will achieve distributed decentralization that will only continue to strengthen with network density. The key principle is that the RightMesh network is self-forming, self-healing, and self-regulating, using whatever it has at its disposal. It runs on devices most of the world already uses and can easily afford. No additional hardware or infrastructure is required, and no longer will people be beholden to ISPs.

As both a platform and a network, RightMesh™ enables developers to retrofit existing mobile applications or build new, decentralized mesh applications. RightMesh AG also intends to introduce a RightMesh utility token, or RMESH (alternatively Mesh Token and/or Mesh Coin), that participants in the ecosystem will use to facilitate the purchase and sale of goods and services.

One example of such a transaction would be an application that empowers a RightMesh™ user to sell excess Internet capacity, giving those who do not have access to this utility the ability to connect to other meshes (today) or consume general Internet traffic (soon). There will soon be more than 6 billion smartphones on the planet and 20 billion IoT devices by 2020 , a lot of which 1 2 will have underutilized connectivity, storage, and processing capabilities. This is the sharing economy flattened by a P2P, decentralized revolution. And just as companies have shared their homes (Airbnb) and automobiles (Uber and Lyft), RightMesh™ will empower users to take control of their device and extract its intrinsic, already-invested value, but without relying on middlemen.

Another example might be a user who creates a digital good (i.e., music, video, apps, magic swords, or photos) and transmits this to another user for an exchange of RMESH tokens. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly digitized, and thus, the concept of work and value creation has changed. A user with a connected smartphone can transact and produce value that is useful to a person or machine on the other side of the planet.

RightMesh AG believes this ecosystem will create a new generation of digital entrepreneurs, provide a viable option for a free and open Internet as initially envisioned—all while helping emerging economies access content and information that improves their life outcomes.

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COO & Co-Founder
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Q2 2014
The prototype that started it all.
Q4 2019
Multi-Device Interoperability & General Internet.
OEM Partnerships Decentralizes Platform Collaboration.
Global Growth of RightMesh Networks.
Q1 2015
Launched YO! App
Q2 2016
Mesh Network Protocol Design.
Q3 2016
Developing Platform Core.
Q3 2017
SDK Private Beta.
Q1 2018
Token Active on Testnet.
Q2 2018
SDK Public Beta.
Q4 2018
SDK Public Release Token Active on Mainnet.
Q2 2019
RM Apps and Network Growth.
token info
Token Name RMESH
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Amount For Sale 38,850,000 RMESH
ICO Token Price 1 RMESH = 1 USD
investment info
Accept Currencies ETH
Hard Cap 30,000,000 USD
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width - 270 px
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