MorCrypto Exchange

MorCrypto Exchange

Trading, Lending/investment, E-commerce

MorCrypto is a cryptocurrency trading exchange with lending services, cryptocurrency e-commerce, multiple cryptocurrency investment opportunities with 5% ROI paid in BTC The ease and speed of cryptocurrency transactions is a phenomenon that should be encourage in the financial system, financial account creation and KYC has become seamless.

About MorCrypto Exchange

MorCrypto Exchange is the p2p trading sector of MorCrypto were users can trade various crypto currencies within themselves. We say MorCrypto is the crypto halve of Africa because once we have obtained full license to operate as a trading exchange in Nigeria and with Nigeria being the leading nation in the blockchain among other African countries it will give us the leverage to openly approach as many Africa Nations that do not restrict the use of crypto currencies and introduce them all into crypto currency, when these happens our database will increase massively and the use of our base coin MOR will increase tremendously and that will lead to a drastic escalation of the price of our base coin MOR, Nigeria has a total of over 200 million population and a recent report shows that in Africa, 1 in 5 is Nigerian.

The Central Bank of Nigeria is currently undergoing tutorials on crypto assets, meaning they are interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency and being the only body that can restrict crypto trading in Nigeria, it is good news that they are showing interest towards having a better understanding of cryptocurrencies. We strongly believe the blockchain will have so much impact on the African continent in the nearest future, in the energy sector where billions of dollars has been spent without results, also in the financial sector to bring more transparency which bank customers crave for.

We want to be at the forefront of every innovation in the African blockchain industry, spearheading and introducing products for the governments of the entire continent. And because we will also have other Asian and European project listing their Tokens on our Exchange, the community on our Exchange will be one of the largest in the world. MorCrypto Exchange is has a base coin MOR which will be used as a medium for transaction within the entire company.



As a project aiming at joining forces with already existing projects to globalize the use of cryptocurrency, the mining farm will be used to back up the trading exchange and the investments, as our miners will be continually mining and producing bitcoins for the maintenance of the system, we will also give the people of Africa and the world at large an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency just by HODLing MOR coin.




As the crypto halve of Africa, MorCrypto is basically a project sold out to drive the use of cryptocurrency, not just in Africa but around the world. To further add and implement the use cases of our native coin (MOR), we will launch an e-commerce platform specially customized for MorCrypto. The aim is to further give MOR HODLers access to more with their asset, our e-commerce platform will retail and wholesale from some of the best brands across the world.





The gaming community and market capitalization is a very vast and large one, we are planning to take a strong stand and a leading position as we plan to introduce a new way to earn cryptocurrency and fiat with sports games. This application will also be available to users in all versions and OS, all forms of professional games have been taken into consideration so that a lot of professionals will be accommodated.

Co Founder PR Strategist & Investment Leader
Co Founder Developer & STO
Developer & CIO
Q4 2019
Launch website with Lending functionalities.
Q4 2019
Partnership with Marketing firms for promotions. IEO Launch and Giveaway campaign.
Q1 2020
Listing on other Exchanges.
Q2 2020
Official Launch of Morcrypto Exchange.
Q3 2020
Building of crypto mining farm.
token info
Token Name MOR coin
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 1000000000
Token Amount For Sale 50,000,000
Preico Token Price $0.18
Preico Token Supply 100000000
Ico Token Price 0.1800 USD
Ico Token Supply 10%
investment info
Fundraising Goal $5000000
Accept Currencies ETH
Soft Cap $2500000
Hard Cap $4800000
Restricted Areas US, Canada, China, Sudan
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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