Zero-fee Tokenized Masternode Fund

MNODE is a zero-fee tokenized Masternode fund that will use the money raised to purchase the underlying masternode assets and run operations. Investors will be rewarded with ETH or in WAN from its masternode block rewards, with a substantial amount being automatically reinvested to purchase more masternodes. This allows exponential growth on potential ROI. All transactions will be fully transparent on the Wanchain Blockchain protocol, and eventually, on Chainfund's very own permissionless blockchain. Leveraging our financial and technical expertise in Cryptocurrencies, the fund will be monitored 24/7 for maintenance, risk management, and potential ROI ceiling.

Short Brief about MNODE (Pre-ICO) ICO Startup with a score of 5.8, and this report was written on 22 August, 2018.

Bear in mind that the metrics you see right now may change.

ICO Startup is alive and has 40 days and 12 hours left.

ICO Startup has chosen Wanchain token staging.

Company has 5 consultants, some of them:

Zoe Seccull (Growth Advisor).
Head of Product
Back-end Engineer
Head of Partnership
Co-Founder & CIO
Design Lead
Co-Founder & CEO
Head of Engineering
Back-end Lead
Front-end Lead
Full-stack Engineer
Mobile Engineer
Blockchain Engineer
Front-end Engineer
UI/UX & Graphic Designer
Blockchain Researcher
Community Manager
Partnership Advisor
Finance Advisor
Business Advisor
Product Advisor
Growth Advisor
Q1 2018
-Market Research -Technical Research -Portfolio Testing
Q2 2018
-Setup Team -Whitepaper -Landing Website -KYC -Prototypes
Q3 2018
-Private Sale -Presale -Bounty -Public ICO -Fund Execution -UI/UX -Legal
Q4 2018
-Mobile App -Performance Review -Financial Reports -KPI Reports
Q1 2019
-Integrate with our new Blockchain Protocol -Decentralized -Liquidity Pool -Continued Growth
token info
Token Name MASTER
Token Platform Wanchain
Ico Token Price 0.0000 USD
investment info
Accept Currencies ETH, WAN
Hard Cap 3,000,000,000 USD
Restricted Areas USA
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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