Modern Finance Chain

MF Chain is building the most cost-effective cryptocurrency payment ecosystem that rewards the consumer as well as the merchant. MF Chain’s immediate goal is to become the foundation of commerce powered by the blockchain by bringing users the ability to transact using their favorite coins, based on a zero-fee model along with an innovative merchant rewards program. The greater vision of Modern Finance Chain is the MF Mainnet. An independent public blockchain that uses a BFT/POS consensus model and a unique masternode incentivization protocol. Furthermore, MF Mainnet will allow for the development of enterprise level private blockchains, atomic swap cross-chain transactions, multi-blockchain integration, and a verified digital identity system. Long term value for Modern Finance Chain will be realized with the Innovation Incubator. Providing upstart projects the resources required to be successful along with a multi-currency ICO Platformthat will allow multiple currencies to be accepted.

About MFChain
Short Brief about MFChain ICO Startup with a score of 9.0, and this report was written on 31 July, 2018. Bear in mind that the metrics you see right now may change.

ICO Startup will be alive at 31 July, 2018
the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 18 March, 2018 with Subject [ANN]KYC & Pre-Sale Now Open: Modern Finance Chain.
Subject started by ModernChain who now has 67 posts and the status Copper Member on BT site.

ICO Startup has chosen Ethereum token staging and is planing to raise hard cup of 33,000 ETH.

Company has 5 experts.

Matyas Zaborszky ( Advisor - Marketing & PR Expert ) who was seen in Startup BETEX (Strategic Advisor).
Bogdan Fiedur as Advisor - Blockchain Expert who took part in these projects: Swachhcoin (Advisor), Cyber Capital Invest (Blockchain Advisor), CyClean (Advisor-Technical), Clash&GO, Payperblock (ICO Advisor | ICOBench Expert)
Hristo Piyankov (Advisor - Blockchain analytics). He was seen working at Swachhcoin (Advisor) ICO Startup
Applied Mathematician
Data Scientist
Crypto & Security Expert
Python & Crypto Dev
Web UI/UX Designer
Project Manager
Head of Marketing
VP of Banking Integration, Senior Advisor
Advisor - Blockchain Expert
Advisor - Marketing & PR Expert
Advisor - Blockchain analytics
Advisor - Legal Counsel
Q4 2017
Concept & Discovery. MFC founded. R&D blockchain options. Cryptocurrency market research. Fiat payment market research. Business plan created. Team recruiting commences.
Jan 2018
Initial Business Rollout. Smart contract development commences. Whitepaper first draft. MVP Ui/Ux developed. Wire frames built out and approved. Consumer crypto payment solution MVP development begins. Merchant backend console development begins. Marketing plan developed.
Feb 2018
Development Stage. Team build out. Full development team working on multiple sprints. Market research. Consumer & Merchant focus groups. Consumer & Merchant surveys. Website development. Whitepaper draft.
March 2018
Private Offer. White paper released. Website launch. Private sale opens. Crypto community surveys. Crypto community focus groups. Marketing campaign kick off.
April 2018
Pre ICO. Pre ICO opens. BTC, ETH, MFC payments integration. MVP Release. Alpha software release. Beta testing merchants. Beta testing consumers.
May 2018
ICO. Initial Coin Offering. Public Sale. Live Token Generation Event.
June 2018
Payment Systems. Payment system integration. Sales process developed. Sales team building. Merchant processing roll out.
July 2018
Exchange. Live on exchange. HODL!
Q3 2018
250 Merchants processing with MFC. Magento Cart Plugin. Zen Cart Plugin. WordPress Plugin. WooCommerce Plugin. Big Commerce Integration.
Q4 2018
1000 Merchants processing with MFC. MFC stand alone POS hardware release.
Q1 2019
Global payment system roll out. 5000 Merchants processing with MFC. MFM Testnet deployed.
Q2 2019
MF Mainnet deployed. MFM coin swap (MFX token is swapped for MFM coin at 1:1 ratio). MFF token is issued (MFF will work as an independent payment token on the MFM Blockchain). MFF airdrop.
token info
Token Name MFX
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Amount For Sale 251,000,000
Preico Token Price 1 ETH = 10,150 MFX
Ico Token Price 0.0247 USD
Ico Token Supply 57%
investment info
Fundraising Value $209,000
Personal Cap Min 0.1 ETH
Accept Currencies ETH
Soft Cap 2,500 ETH
Hard Cap 33,000 ETH
Restricted Areas USA
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width - 270 px
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