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iTrue provides Self-Sovereign Biometric Identity for Decentralized Web. 1. “Self-Sovereign” also known as self-ownership is the idea that people should own their own data. Using iTrue, businesses cannot just freely use data from users, they must request the data and the user must consent to this usage. Users are rewarded each time they decide to share data with a business but it is a voluntary sharing of data. 2. “Biometric Identity” means we can offer face identification online and offline (i.e. visitors to trade centers, hotels, conferences, taxis, etc. so businesses know when to reward or punish someone in case they misbehaved). 3. "Decentralized Web", also called web 3.0, is the next generation of internet as a p2p network built around blockchain technology. We want to give control of data back to its rightful owners. We also want to make sure our platform is secure by having no single point of failure where hackers can steal or tamper with data. Technology At the core of iTrue’s platform is blockchain and facial recognition technologies. We are tackling data security issues head on with our state-of-the-art Stone Storage solution, a distributed database that enables users to store information without the need for a centralized server as it’s based off of blockchain distributed ledger principles. Personal information on our Stone Storage solution is stored separately from its record of transaction and can be divided into different levels and categories. This allows users to decide which information to share with which party, putting users in complete control over sensitive information. We are taking data security to the next level by securing information using biometric technology. Users must successfully verify their identity by scanning their face or eye iris in order to access their stored data.

About iTrue
Short Brief about iTrue ICO Startup with a score of 8.0, and this report was written on 2 September, 2018.

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ICO Startup is alive and has 28 days and 23 hours left.

ICO PROJECT END DATE is on 16 December, 2018 so be quick.

ICO Startup has chosen Ethereum token staging and is planing to raise hard cup of 40,000,000 USD.

Company has 2 consultants, some of them:
Head of Marketing
Analyst and Research Writer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Business Development Officer
Chief CV Engineer
Chief Strategy Officer
Frontend Developer
Content Strategist
Chief Business Development Officer
PR Manager, LATAM
Community manager, ASEAN
Community manager, CIS
Financial Strategy Advisor
Chief Technology Advisor
Q2 – Q4 2017
Identification of competitors and market analysis
Q4 2017 – Q2 2018
Development of technical specifications, project architecture and a system of automated human face recognition
Q1 – Q2 2018
Development of Stone storage: Fast and scalable like DB, immutable and transparent like blockchain
Q2 – Q3 2018
Development of APIs to connect microservices with Stone storage
July 2018
iTrue company registration in Hong Kong. GDPR took effect. iTrue architecture and its microservices are already designed in accordance with GDPR requirements
September 2018
iTrue subsidiaries registration in India and Lebanon. Filing form D 506 exemption notice for submission to SEC, opening the token sale for US accredited investors
October 2018
MVP: facial recognition system and Stone storage. Users can register their faces and log into account without passwords. Blockchain storage that comply with GDPR. iTrue joined the Bancor Network. iTrue will integrate the Bancor Protocol and follow specific guidelines for creating a Smart Token to offer ITU token.
Q3 2018 - Q1 2019
Token Sale
Q4 2018 - Q1 2019
Expansion to the Arab Maghreb Union, India and the CIS. Launch of 20 pilot projects in banking, insurance, surveillance, ecommerce industries. Opening iTrue community for third party developers; Opening the platform for third party microservices developers so they can build own microservices to expand iTrue platform functionality and community
Q4 2018 - Q2 2019
Development of a payment system and an IDV system to verify citizens of India, Bangladesh, Russia, Lebanon and Qatar
Q1 2019
Launch of the platform for Privacy Control and Data Sharing between Users and Clients. Users will be able to control their privacy and get tokens for its controlled data distribution to Clients
Q2 2019
Development of 5 additional microservices to make personal life and business processes easier and safer, available for integration to the projects of iTrue platform third party developers. Launch the platform for third party developers of applications so they can use iTrue and third party developers microservices by building enterprise/consumer dapps and getting tokens on selling dapps to Business and Users
Q3 2019
Launch of a fully-functional platform enabling Web 3.0 projects and DApps
Q2 – Q3 2019
Expansion to the countries of ASEAN. Launch of 50 pilot projects in banking, insurance, surveillance, ecommerce industries
Q3 – Q4 2019
Development of 20 additional micro services to solve day to day issues of Business and Users. Development of an IDV system to verify citizens of the China, Thailand and Indonesia
token info
Token Name ITU
Token Platform Separate blockchain
Token Total Supply 8,000,000,000 ITU
Token Amount For Sale 4,800,000,000
Preico Token Price 1 ITU = 0.006 USD
Ico Token Price 0.0030 USD
Ico Token Supply 60%
investment info
Fundraising Value Unknown
Personal Cap Min 10000 USD
Accept Currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, EUR, RUB
Soft Cap 25,000 USD
Hard Cap 11,000,000 USD
Restricted Areas USA, China
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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