Transforming Crypto Asset Market is an International Digital Asset Platform, which aims to provide a complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets, offering Futures, calendar & butterfly spreads, options, and swaps among major trading products. exchange also supports spot trading, P2P lending and ETFs. Additionally, it is providing an ICO venture fund with a focus on retail investors. platform provides a Point-and-Click Ladder based Trading Interface through its Desktop Application. Its simulator tool aids beginners in learning futures trading. IDAP will launch its derivatives exchange on The project’s token, formerly known as IDAP has been rebranded to BFX. BFX token holders will get 50% discount in trading and management fees if paid in BFX. There will be zero trading fees for IEO contributors who buy 100,000 or more BFX.

Short Brief about Initial Coin Offering with a mark of 8.0, and this report was written on 9 August, 2018. Bear in mind that the details you see right now may change.

Initial Coin Offering will be in process at 9 August, 2018

Initial Coin Offering has chosen Ethereum token staging and is planing to raise hard cup of 750,000,000 IDAP.

Company has 14 consultants.

Joakim Holmer ( ICO Advisor ) who was seen in ICO PROJECT VIBEHub, HeliosCoin (Trusted Advisor), Cappasity (Co-founder LiveTourLAB), NWPSolution, Avatara (Advisor).
Avinash Bhatia.
Crypto Analyst
Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CFO
Co-Founder & CTO
Co-Founder & COO
Operations Manager
Blockchain Analyst
Financial Advisor
Blockchain ICO Advisor
Blockchain Advisor
Technology Advisor
Blockchain Advisor
Technical Design Advisor
Data Science Advisor
Technology Advisor
Cloud Computing Advisor
Business Intelligence Advisor
Marketing Advisor
Business Advisor
Q4-2017 to Q1-2018
• Ideation & conceptualisation of the IDAP ecosystem • Detailed research and analysis conducted • Core team built • Advisory board formed • Strategic partnerships made
• Website launch and Lite Paper release • White Paper release • Community building • IDAP exchange platform development • Company registration in Estonia • Release of IDAP demo platform • License procurement for derivatives trading and asset management • Public voting for coins/tokens that will be listed on the live exchange • Start of token presale
• Product architecture development and testing • IDAP Trader front-end development • Matching Engine and implied logic development • Community building • Advanced APIs integration and testing • IDAP Exchange marketing • Pre-sale closed
• Alpha version testing of Web App • Alpha testing of IDAP Trader (Desktop Trading System) • Internal testing of ladder UI and point-and-click functionality • Testing of multi-instrument derivatives trading and conditional orders
• IDAP TestNet released • Beta testing of Web Trading Interface • Beta testing of IDAP Trader (Desktop Trading System) • Final testing of order execution with implied logic on real-time market data • Smart Order Routing and Risk Management System tested
• Spreads, butterfly and perpetual swaps available for major coins • Implied logic for futures market enabled • Master Account system with advanced RMS integration • Customer Support Management system integrated
• Upgraded Customer Support System • Testing of new derivative instruments: Indices derivatives and American Options • Beta Testing of Synthetic Spread Creation feature • Release of IDAP Trader 2.0
• Mobile App launched and Web App 2.0 with upgraded interface released • Geo-replicated exchange architecture goes live • IDAP APIs for FIX, REST, Binary, etc. integrated
• Options and Crypto Indices derivatives introduced • Derivatives offerings extended for additional coins and tokens • Opt-in portfolio management services introduced for OTC clients
• Hybrid derivatives trading protocol R&D continued • R&D of on-chain settlement, security and performance R&D of off-chain order book and trade execution with on-chain settlement
token info
Token Name BFX
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 1,000,000,000 IDAP
Token Amount For Sale 400,000,000
Preico Token Price 1 IDAP = 0.024 USD
Ico Token Price 0.0300 USD
Ico Token Supply 40%
investment info
Fundraising Value $700,000
Personal Cap Min 50 BFX
Accept Currencies BTC, ETH, XRP, PROB, USDT
Soft Cap 200,000,000
Hard Cap 650,000,000
Restricted Areas USA
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