IAC AutoUnit

IAC AutoUnit

International Auto Club

International Auto Club (IAC) is an automated platform bringing together the best features of payment systems, cashback services and partnership programs. IAC is not a start-up and it’s ready to develop business in other countries. The corporation transfers all internal payments to the blockchain using internal currency called AutoUnit. This is a system of mutual settlements that allows to increase the level of transparency and financial security of all registered users, to avoid system centralization and users dependency on the corporation, to accelerate development and to increase the turnover of enterprises that joined the platform. AutoUnit is a blockchain-certificate for purchasing goods and services placed on the IAC platform and offered by partner enterprises. The certificate provides all mutual settlements between IAC and goods and services suppliers as directed by the users.

About IAC AutoUnit
Short Brief about IAC AutoUnit ICO Startup with a score of 6.8, and this report was written on 22 July, 2018.
Take note that the metrics you see right now may change.

ICO Startup was alive at 22 July, 2018

Startup END DATE was 22 July, 2018

ICO Startup has chosen Ethereum token staging.

Company has 2 experts.
Denis Erofeev.

Richard Dilendorf as Creator of the Bitclub Network mining company; Head of KTC Investing who took part in these projects: IQeon (Business Consultant, Mining Expert)
IAC Corporate President
IAC Vice Chairman
Head of IAC Corporate University
Head of IAC Regional Development
Head of IAC Discount System Development Department
Head of IAC Beauty and Health Academy
Internet Marketing Specialist
Marketing Specialist
Head of IAC Legal Department
i-Link CEO, WorldSkills Russia and Agency for Strategic Initiatives expert
Blockchain developer, WorldSkills Russia and Agency for Strategic Initiatives expert
Director Aunite Group (IAC) Payment system
Aunite Group (IAC) Global Business Development
Creator of the Bitclub Network mining company; Head of KTC Investing
Crypto Investor
Head of ICO Advisory of Swisscom Blockchain AG
Investor & Financial Specialist / Advisor
Mathematician, professor at the Shanghai Business School
The leading risk expert in "Otkritye" bank. Berlin, Germany.
One of the top marketers and business speakers in Russia and CIS. Chicago, USA
Q4 2015
52 offices, 94 cities, 1400 suppliers, 40 online stores. Mobile application for partners.
Q1 2016
105 offices, 180 cities, 8000 suppliers, 60 online stores. 2500 co-branded discount trade union cards.
Q2 2017
Corporate mobile service cashback for affiliates. Free registration for users on the website.
Q4 2017
600 online stores, 600.000 users. Contract with the Trade Union Confederation. AutoBonus mobile app launch.
Q1 2018
IAC mobile application in English. Internal Autotoken and AutoUnit wallets are connected to the cryptocurrency payment system. Geographic growth.
JANUARY 25 2018
The start of AutoToken pre-sale.
Q2 2018
Broadening payment options with internal funds up to 500 types of payments. Servers modernization. Massive SMM campaign.
Q3 2018
Broadening payment options with internal funds up to 1000 types of payments. Purchase funnels for affiliates, intelligent search, 3 million users.
Q4 2018
Autobonus payment systems integration. Automatic search for suppliers via geolocation. Server optimization. 5 million users.
Q1 2019
Integrating Autobonus payment system for business. Contactless
Q2 2019
Broaden set of functions, cryptocurrency payments within the platform. 10 million users.
Q3 2019
Cashback in 650 international online stores. 15 million users.
Q4 2019
20 million users. Opening departments of the payment system in 10 countries.
token info
Token Name AutoToken (ATK)
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Amount For Sale 60,187,847
Ico Token Price 0.1000 USD
Ico Token Supply 70%
investment info
Fundraising Value $10,690,364
Personal Cap Min 9 USD
Accept Currencies ETH
Hard Cap 50,000,000 USD
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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