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In a short period we have became as a market leader in many areas providing AML, PEP, KYC and compliance verifications. Thats we have provided a licenced platform which is fully automated from verification ordering to its delivering to our clients. Only automatically asked documents and answers to our questions are checked by our inspectors. Platform will be functional before end of august 2018. After platform is ready we are only licenced company who can process thousands of verifications daily. Verifer offers also solutions to receive accurate, complete and quickly delivered information on the chosen currency, initial coin offer, team members, history of the company behind the coin or the key personnel in the company. Our services start from Quick Service all the way to large- scale investigations performed by our professional investigations team. We have over 6 years history on industry and average growth has been about 40% yearly.

About Verifier
Short Brief about Global Spy ICO Startup with a score of 7.0, and this report was written on 30 August, 2018.
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ICO Startup was alive at 30 August, 2018
Ico Start date was on 15 March, 2018, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 6 March, 2018 with Subject Re: ANN [ICO] GLOBAL SPY TOKEN: The global investigator platform for cryptocurre.
Subject started by ruslan123121 who now has 215 and the status Jr. Member on BT website.

Startup END DATE was 30 August, 2018

ICO Startup has chosen Ethereum token staging and collected raise $720,000.

Company has 6 consultants.
Joycee Navarro.

David Mcdade (Area manager).
Conceptualization of the idea after realizing that there is untapped demand in the market. It was decided that we will study crypto markets and possibilities crypto could give us.
2017 Q1 & Q2
Search for correct partners and databases with knowledge of the crypto world. Crypto business is so global that it was a key element for Global Spy to find correct investigation tools and databases from all the relevant countries. In preparations for changing legislation regarding ICOs in the United States, we have already hired a great investigator for US-based ICOs. If the ICO market opens for general US public, it would mean a new rush of promising ICOs. Preparation for the use of the blockchain technology in our future.
2017 Q3 & Q4
Preparation of the smart contracts and preparation for the token sale. This involved sensitizing the cryptocurrency community by running an ANN campaign to announce the token through the website and selected cryptocurrency blogs.
2018 Q1
Preparation for the Initial coin offer. We developed an ICO webpage specifically for the token sale. Additionally, the web content developed in the 4 th quarter of 2017 was completed in this quarter.
2018 Q2
The Initial coin offer is officially launched. The willing investors purchase coins, and they receive Spy tokens to ERC20 compatible wallets.
2018 Q3
Listing to at least one of major exchanges. 10 % ICO profits to be used for marketing during 2018. Global Spy will buy a position on one of the major exchanges as soon as the tokens have been sent to investors after initial coin offer.
2018 Q4
The launch of the beta version of the Global Spy platform.
2019 Q1
Fully functional platform open for all customers Further development of research products. Another 10 % of ICO profits used for marketing during 2019
2019 Q2
5.000.000 SPY-tokens shared with all holders since ICO.
token info
Token Name SPY
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Amount For Sale 150,000,000
Ico Token Price 0.1223 USD
Ico Token Supply 88.24%
investment info
Fundraising Value $144,000
Personal Cap Min 0.0002 ETH
Accept Currencies ETH
Soft Cap 1000 ETH
Hard Cap 30000 ETH
Restricted Areas USA, Singapore, Vietnam,China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba
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