DeskBell Chain

DeskBell Chain

Blockchain Platform of the Hotel and Tourism

Blockchain project DeskBell Chain is based on the existing DeskBell service, which enables hotels to get out an important information to the guests and keep communication with them via chat. What is more, it also sells the site to promote their services. For tourists, DeskBell service serves as a guide and compass in the life of the hotel. DeskBell automatically determines the hotel, in which the tourist is located and provides accessible information, making the stay more comfortable and active. DeskBell Service includes several ready-made technological solutions.

About DeskBell Chain
Short Brief about DeskBell Chain ICO PROJECT with a score of 7.2, and this report was written on 22 June, 2018.

Take note that the information you see right now may change.

ICO PROJECT is in process and has 132 days and 11 hours left.
Ico Start date was on 21 May, 2018, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 5 October, 2017 with Subject [ANN][PRE-ICO] DeskBell Chain - Blockchain platform of the tourism industry.
Subject started by DeskBell who now has 215 and the status Jr. Member on BT website.

Initial Coin Offering END DATE is on 1 November, 2018 so be quick.

ICO PROJECT has chosen Ethereum token staging and is planing to raise hard cup of 6,000,000 USD.
Chief Visionary Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Engineering Team Lead
Chief Visionary Officer
Service Integration Owner - Customer Service
Community curator
DeskBell Representative Is In the USA
EMEA Director at PredictX delivering Machine Learning and AI solutions to global companies
Chief Executive Officer
Strategic marketing advisor
Adviser, Director of Global Platform Solutions at American Express
Chief Technology Officer
Engineering Team Lead
Adviser. Tourism & Hospitality, Howarig Trade Project, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific
Accommodation and travel expert with more than 15 years of experience, including experience in Adviser.
Development and implementation of the ecosystem of mutual motivation DeskBell Chain; Finalization of the current service and mobile applications, implementation of new functionality required for the DeskBell Chain platform.
Development of DeskBell systems: chat, socialization, events and alerts, the introduction of elements of augmented reality; Scaling service , due to the expected growth , reaching CDN; Entering the service of tourist business; Development of a payment system for goods and services through the mobile DeskBell application.
Expansion of the service part to the functionality of CRM and ERP systems; Going beyond mobile applications: the development of third-party cross-services in the tourism industry, a unified database of hotel and tourism business, global search and booking in the framework of the monetization of DeskBell Chain.
token info
Token Name DBT
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 212,000,000 DBT
Token Amount For Sale 12,000,000
Preico Token Price 1 DBT = 0.001 ETH
Preico Token Supply 7000000
Ico Token Price 0.5000 USD
Ico Token Supply 69.2%
investment info
Fundraising Value Unknown
Personal Cap Min 5 USD
Accept Currencies BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ETC
Soft Cap 700,000 USD
Hard Cap 6,000,000 USD
Restricted Areas Iran, South Korea, USA
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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