BTU Protocol

BTU Protocol

Booking Token Unit Protocol

Booking Token Unit (BTU) protocol is a standardized building block for any decentralized application (dApp) or web site willing to implement booking features for their end-users. The BTU protocol also brings interoperability among decentralized applications that incorporate it. BTU protocol is currently under standardization in the Ethereum ecosystem as ERC-808. BTU token will be an ERC20 token running the protocol. All platforms implementing the BTU protocol would benefit from a hybrid approach combining an on-chain smart contract and off-chain software components, providing more scalability. A transparent and public inventory enabled by an open-source protocol would considerably lower the entry barriers to many internet booking markets.

About BTU Protocol
Short Brief about BTU Protocol ICO Startup with a score of 7.8, and this report was written on 30 June, 2018.
Take note that the information you see right now may change.

ICO Startup was in process at 30 June, 2018
Ico Start date was on 7 June, 2018, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 7 March, 2018 with Subject [ANN][ICO] BTU Protocol - An open protocol for decentralized reservation.
Subject started by grimaltonio who now has 5 and the status Newbie on BT site.

Initial Coin Offering project END DATE was 30 June, 2018

ICO Startup has chosen Ethereum token staging.

Company has 2 experts.
Hervé Hababou.

Vidal CHRIQUI as Co-Founder & Managing Director who took part in these projects: DomRaider (Blockchain Technical Expert), Irene Energy (Senior Advisor, Blockchain)
Senior Blockchain Architect & Technical
Marketing Advisor
Blockchain Ambassador
Partnership manager Korea
Chief Operating Officer
Back-end Developer
Front-end Developer
Marketing ambassador
Finance Ambassador
Software Industry Ambassador
Travel Industry Ambassador
Token Investor Ambassador
Cryptocurrency Ambassador
Healthcare Industry Ambassador
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Co-Founder & President
November 2017
BTU Protocol presentation at DEVCON3 Unicorn P&P in Cancun.
January 2018
EIP ERC-808 submission of the BTU Protocol.
February 2018
Hackathon at the ETNA school.
March 2018
BTU Protocol presented at the Ethereum Community Conference.
March 2018
Releasing the BTU Protocol MVP.
April 2018
BTU Protocol Token sale.
May 2018
“Earth” release. Protocol fully onchain, RES smart contract, Demo dApp.
Q3 2018
"Mars" release. Support to first platform based on BTU protocol, Booking infrastructure, Javascript SDK, Template dApp customizable to any industry.
Q1 2019
"Jupiter" release. Support to more partners leveraging our booking infrastructure, SDK in Javascript, Java, Python, Go, Plugin for Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS
Q2 2019
"Saturn" release. Integration of reputation system, Enhanced privacy features.
Q4 2019
“Uranus” release. Implementation of a Cosmos Zone
token info
Token Name BTU
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 100,000,000 BTU
Token Amount For Sale 50,000,000
Ico Token Price 0.7500 USD
Ico Token Supply 50%
investment info
Fundraising Value $5,500,000
Personal Cap Min 1 ETH
Accept Currencies ETH,BTC, Fiat
Hard Cap 25,000,000 USD
Restricted Areas USA, China
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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