Affinity Membership Platform

Avalon is a premier members-only platform, and the first GPO (group purchasing organization) that represents the cryptocurrency consumer-base and its purchasing power. The Avalon Platform will allow members to realize discounts on goods and services they purchase, as well as the opportunity to earn tokens by participating in promotions, scanning proof of purchases, playing games, utilizing p2p smart contracts and so much more, all housed under one exclusive roof.

About Avalon
Short Brief about Avalon ICO Startup with a mark of 5.4, and this report was written on 22 June, 2018.
Take note that the metrics you see right now may change.

ICO Startup was alive at 22 June, 2018
Ico Start date was on 25 August, 2017, and the first post on bitcoin forum we see is on 29 August, 2016 with Subject *Official*[ANN][AVA] Avalon: An Elite Membership Platform.
Subject started by uN-ann who now has 109 and the status Member on BT website.

ICO PROJECT END DATE was 30 September, 2017

ICO Startup has chosen Ethereum token staging and collected raise $253,154.

Company has 2 experts, some of them:

Nick Eddy.

Isabella Dell as Technology Advisor who took part in these projects: IOV (Pre-ICO) (Co-founder)
Mobile Development & Strategic Partnerships
Co-founder, Lead Developer & Ethereum Architect
Co-founder & Head Project Manager
Co-founder & Head of Design
Co-Founder, Head Of Media & Marketing
Chief of Strategic Partnerships
Marketing Strategist
Treasurer & Financial Markets Expert
Editor & Copywriter
Technology Advisor
Systems Analyst Advisor
Q1 Thru Q3 2017
Localized feasibility testing performed (POC) Market and competition analysis Business plan outlined Assembled passionate team members Superstar lead developer onboarded Advisor partnerships formed
Q3 2017
Business Incorporated Crowdsale escrow and facilitator services secured Crowdsale Occurs (August 25th – September 15th) Tokens become accessible to individual donors Private Avalon (web based) forum is available to donators (future Avalon members) Soft vendor outreach begins
Q4 2017
Additional staff on-boarding Business infrastructure and operations setup Hard vendor outreach begins Full time platform development begins Soft marketing to users begins
Q1 2018
Platform development continues Mobile APP development begins Hard vendor outreach is amplified Hard marketing to users begins Alpha access to GPO Portion and private forums opens (invite only) and must have qualifying AVA tokens – Our platinum members (from crowdfund) are guaranteed invites to this invite-only Alpha. Bug Bounties begin and are offered/distributed
Q2 2018
Open Beta to a Nearly Full Platform (Majority of features) – open to anyone with qualifying AVA tokens (Platinum/Gold members from crowdfund are guaranteed invites) Continued bug bounties Platform Development continues Mobile App Development All marketing amplified (vendor and user) Giveaways amplified
Q3 2018
Platform fully operational, portions/features may come on and offline periodically as we are still technically in beta (All crowdfund donors are guaranteed invites). Amplified marketing on all fronts continues Bug bounties continue Final touches on GUI and Navigation Goal of 5,000 discounted products and services attached to Avalon Platform
Q4 2018
Avalon Officially Launches Goal of 10,000 discounted products and services attached to Avalon Platform
Q1 2019
First addition of the Avalon Crypto Magazine is issued Inaugural Avalon cryptocurrency meeting is held in Tampa, Florida Goal of 25,000 products and services attached by launch of Avalon Platform
token info
Token Name AVA
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Amount For Sale 8,700,000
Ico Token Price 1.0597 USD
investment info
Fundraising Value $253,154
Accept Currencies ETH
Restricted Areas No restrictions
height - 80 px
width - 270 px
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