Re-Inventing the Link

2key’s innovative technology revolutionizes regular HTTP links by seamlessly infusing them with smart contracts. Creating scalable, decentralized, off-chain access to blockchain functionality from any browser. Our novel multi-step tracking protocol empowers links to independently track and record each participant sharing them, charting a topological graph. Each participant relaying links is automatically rewarded when a pre-defined result has been achieved from a link they’ve shared. The 2key protocol creates ad-hoc multi-party state networks through front-end code alone. Continually verifying and updating contract changes in real-time.

About 2Key
Short Brief about 2Key ICO PROJECT with a score of 4.2, and this conclusion was written on 16 July, 2018. Take note that the metrics you see right now may change.

ICO PROJECT will be in process at 16 July, 2018

ICO PROJECT has chosen Ethereum token staging and is planing to raise hard cup of 30,000,000 USD.

Company has 7 consultants.

Yuval Emek.
Senior Front End Dev.
Founder, CEO After a long successful career in finance, Erez turned to the hi-tech industry. He soon became an online marketing expert, specializing in product design and leading teams in turning ideas into reality. His vision is to create out-of-the-box
Co-Founder, CTO, CIO eiTan specializes in R&D leadership in the fields of Machine Learning, AI and Social informatics. He has led core technology development for MedCPU (acquired by UPMC), Wochit and Keywee. eiTan holds a BSc (Summa Cum Laude) in Bio-Medi
Chief Scientist Serial entrepreneur. Master of AI, ML, Arch., Cyber. Talpiot Graduate (8200), Researcher and commander for nearly a decade, Co-Founder & CTO of Algotec (acquired by KODAK). Co-Founder & CTO Mitingo, Member of the founding team and eventual
Senior Algorithms & Blockchain Developer BSc, MSc summa cum laude from Technion IIT, Phd Graph Theory Hebrew University, Faculty Member at the CS department at BGU and a Full Stack & Algorithms Developer for the past 20 years with immense Industry Experie
Senior Full Stacker
Backend & Blockchain Dev.
Front End Developer
QA Automation Consultant
Graphic Designer
Director of Content
Graphic Designer
Founder of the Greenland Digital Technology Association
Frond End Developer
Frond End Developer
Senior Blockchain & Smart Contracts Developer
Senior Blockchain & Data Engineer
Wings Foundation Co-Founder Leads the technological strategy for Wings.ai Blockchain core developer, architecture designer, and project manager.
Wings Foundation Co-Founder Leads the partnership's strategy for Wings.ai Token distribution strategist, product designer, and projects manager.
Founder, CEO @ Enigma MIT Media Lab | 10+ years software development Blockchain, Security & Privacy, Data-Science & Machine Learning Expert
CPA and token economics specialist with vast experience in leading blockchain and financial roles.
PhD Algorithmic Game Theory. Senior Lecturer at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Information Systems Engineering, Economics, Game Theory Expert.
PhD Algorithmic Game Theory Assistant Professor at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Multi-Level Marketing and Incentive Models Expert.
Dr. Roey Tzezana, PhD Intl. published futurist, crypto author and lecturer. Disruptive tech analysis.
Q2 2017
The 2key concept is born and project launch. 2key’s core team is formed.
Q3 2017
Alpha-version full specification is complete. Development of technological protocol prototype begins.
Q4 2017
Full design & architecture for product’s version 1.0 is ready. Deployment of the 2key protocol on Ethereum test net.
Q1 2018
2key’s whitepaper v1.0 is released. Multi-step protocol v1.0 ready. Project seed investment of $1M is secured. 2Key’s community is established.
Q2 2018
Private sale launched. Product’s alpha version is completed. Technical whitepaper is published. Releasing the yellow paper.
Q3 2018
Gas Station v1.0 Ready Releasing v1.0 of incentive model Alpha Version Smart Contracts Ready and Tested Finalizing 2key’s network v1.0 back-end architecture.
Q4 2018
Token Pre-Sale to be launched Delivering platform’s beta version including built-in web wallet for ICOs Developing the 2key Network native mobile apps.
Q1 2019
Exchanges Revshare contract v1.0 ready Releasing version 1.0 of: 2key’s recommendation graph Launching contract encryption capabilities using Enigma.
Q2 2019
Supporting Lead-generation campaign Adding and retaining new community members. Improving 2key products: 2key explorer, 2key’s wallet, integration to other tools and new smart contracts templates Scaling 2key’s open-source development community.
Q3 2019
and Beyond Release of offline acquisition referral product Completing the full 2key Network product with new features such as online acquisition campaigns templates, Enabling the use of fiat currencies within the 2key platform, and expend communication tools for users Releasing version 1.0 of: Online acquisition referral product Monetize referral content for publishers Growing adoption of 2key within the digital marketing industry.
token info
Token Name 2KEY
Token Platform Ethereum
Token Total Supply 1,000,000,000 2KEY
Token Amount For Sale 310,000,000 2KEY
Ico Token Price 0.0950 USD
Ico Token Supply 31%
investment info
Accept Currencies ETH, BTC, FIAT
Soft Cap 10,000,000 2KEY
Hard Cap 20,000,000 USD
Restricted Areas China, United States of America
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width - 270 px
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