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Blockchain has caused transformation of all industries in the world, and the sports sector is no different. Be it the game of tennis, football, basketball or rugby - many unique ventures have been made in the field of sports and blockchain. We have also seen the same when it comes to sports betting which is predicted to become a 495 billion U.S. dollar industry by 2019.

Sports gambling and sports betting are legal and popular in many parts of the world, and the blockchain technology has brought a significant level of transparency and trustworthiness in the business.

The revolution has already started, with major sports companies and teams like Globatalent and Sportyco using Blockchain to make budding players connect with potential investors.

SportyCo, for one, is a popular ICO that is backed by legends like Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho. The application enables a decentralized infrastructure of financing which helps players tackle monetary barriers. Another interesting project CashBet is an internet based gaming cryptocurrency and has roped in Arsenal to advertise for them.

Our list of top sports ICOs and sports betting ICOs is the ultimate place to find the most happening and lucrative sports blockchain projects in the whole world.

We welcome you to take a look at our diverse range of sports ICO projects which are not just limited to traditional games such as football or tennis. You can find an increasing number of innovative digital ventures from different fields such as sports betting platforms, blockchain games, B2B gambling projects, virtual reality social platforms, cybersports, eSports and fundraising portals. You are sure to find something that interests you, suits your preference and provides a great profit margin.

The ICO sports ventures come with a detailed explanation and subsequent ratings to portray their demand and potential. We only have the most trending sports betting ICO projects and sports ICO ventures to facilitate your decision making. You can choose from different cryptocurrency networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin and NEO based on your preference.

Since these are based on the blockchain, all sport ICO options are completely trustworthy and genuine. You are not going to find any low standard projects as we have checked the viability of each one specifically. Just browse our database, go through the details of the projects and choose the one that fits you best.

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