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Diagnosis of Cars on the Blockchain
Rate: 9 .3
start | 1 Sep, 2018
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The World’s 1st Green Renewable Energy Project
Rate: 9 .1
start | 30 Sep, 2019
end | 10 Oct, 2019
Crypto Bank Custom Coin
Rate: 9 .0
start | 12 Oct, 2018
end | 12 Nov, 2018
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Blockchain Ecosystem
Rate: 8 .9
start | 7 Oct, 2019
end | 27 Oct, 2019
Move Your Business Activities Story and Operations on Relatefacts
Rate: 8 .6
start | 14 Sep, 2019
end | 31 May, 2020
The Financial World Without Bank Fees
Rate: 7 .0
start | 14 Sep, 2018
Transforming the World of Photography
Rate: 6 .6
start | 28 Oct, 2018
end | 25 Dec, 2018
Cyber Security Ecosystem
Rate: 6 .4
start | 1 Oct, 2018
end | 30 Dec, 2018

The introduction of blockchain technology and the smart contracts have changed how businesses function. Blockchain comes with the unique technology of smart contracts or digital contracts which can be programmed to meet different parameters. Smart contracts eliminate the need of any third party and form the basis of trustworthy and transparent contracts stored inside the blockchain. Many projects and solutions have been developed based on a smart contract to revolutionize every industry in the market – from healthcare to real estate deals.

Take the example of EOS - a software based on blockchain architecture that supports huge scaling of applications. It can scale and process millions of transactions per second, reduce user fees and enables fast deployment of decentralized programs. EOS, as a smart contract, can help add security into Bitcoin, making it more scalable. Then there is NEO, which helps smart contracts happen with a platform, without the need of any third party. Higher scalability and multi-language support means that it’s a smart contract solution that businesses will love.

Smart contract ICOs can help different industries perform better, and with tailor-made blockchain technology for them, it could potentially develop new industry practices.

We have collected and developed an extensive database of smart contract ICOs which can be a great source of profit and innovation.

Smart contract blockchain ICOs are immutable and permanent making your transaction safe. There are no chances of anyone tampering with the contract or changing the conditions after it has been programmed. The smart contracts are also distributed like the blockchain technology and validated by all peers present in the network. This distributed nature makes it impossible to manipulate the smart contract to release funds - all the peers would instantly become aware and take measures to make it invalid. Your transaction is never at risk and remains safe from attackers and hackers.

You can find the best smart contract ICO projects in our database. Each project tells you what it’s about and comes with all relevant information. You can also see ICO ratings on each project which makes it easy to spot the trending ones. We have picked out and put all smart contract blockchain ICO projects with high potential in our catalog so that you don’t need to search around on other platforms for a profitable venture. You can go through the list of smart contract ICO projects and make a decision based on the rating and potentiality of the project. Popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and NEO are supported by most projects.

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