Top Retail ICO Catalog and Ratings

Redefine Trading, Beyond Exchange
Rate: 8 .5
start | 24 Sep
end | 9 Jan, 2020
Lunox Token
Rate: 8 .1
start | 8 Jul
end | 31 Aug
Disrupting The Global Groceries Marketplace
Rate: 7 .8
start | 22 Aug, 2018
Social community:
Decentralized Protocol for Spatial XR apps
Rate: 7 .6
start | 1 Aug
end | 31 Aug
A Fully Working Crypto Ecosystem
Rate: 7 .6
start | 9 May
end | 30 Aug
Decentralized Exchange For Stable Digital Assets
Rate: 7 .6
start | 4 Jul
end | 31 Aug
From Crypto To Everyday Shopping
Rate: 7 .5
start | 1 Dec
end | 1 Jan, 2020
The First Blockchain B2B and B2C Hub
Rate: 7 .3
start | 30 Nov, 2018
end | 31 Dec
Exchange Fiat Money and Cryptocurrencies Easily
Rate: 7 .1
start | 19 Jul, 2018
end | 31 Dec
Social community:
Blockchain Marketplace for Global E-Commerce
Rate: 6 .8
start | 15 May
end | 31 Dec
Social community:
Curating the E-commerce Experience With AI
Rate: 5 .9
start | 31 Jul
end | 31 Aug
EZeeBUY™ is the next Platform Revolution
Rate: 5 .7
start | 8 Aug
end | 7 Sep
Social community:
Decentralized Human Resource & Freelance Hub
Rate: 5 .0
start | 7 Sep, 2018
end | 9 Dec
Simplify And Empower The World
Rate: 4 .1
start | 1 Aug
end | 31 Dec
Revolutionising Traditional Supply Chain With Blockchain
Rate: 2 .1
start | 10 Apr
end | 10 Sep

The retail sector is one of the most happening industries in the market. Whatever is produced will have to be sold and retail is still one of the most common methods of satisfying customer demands. We have created a comprehensive list of retail blockchain ICOs which are hot and happening at the moment. If you are looking for ICO in retail, you have come to the right place.

Blockchain in retail provide convenience to the customer, facilitates better delivery time and accuracy, gives improved control over the whole process. You can even track the movement of goods from its origin to the retail store minimizing errors and loss in inventory. Take the example of TenX - such retail projects have synced digital currency wallet with Visa wallet enabling customers to make payments using cryptocurrencies using Visa. Blockchains’ effects on supply chain could ensure that deliveries are prompt. Walmart, for instance, is using Blockchain to ensure that food contamination sources are promptly identified. The possibilities are endless when it comes to blockchain and retail ICO’s.

Record every stage improving traceability

Information about retail products can be entered in the blockchain, like when they leave the farm and recorded at every stage of the food supply chain. It improves the traceability of food by recording it at every stage of its journey.

Every single transaction recorded

Every single transaction of the product is maintained just like the details of every Bitcoin transaction are recorded in the blockchain ledger.

By identifying contamination source

Blockchain can help reduce the time required to identify any food contamination source and time with its effective recording system, something Walmart loves. It will take just a few minutes to track the contamination source as the whole ecosystem is visible.

Sharing information quickly

The blockchain ledger is a comprehensive database of the products. Information can be accessed instantly and shared to enhance safety.

You can find innovative and unique retail blockchain ICO projects in our directory. The ICO retail projects are not fraudulent as we have checked for their credibility and selected only the genuine ones. Each of the retail ICO is based on blockchain technology which is transparent and impossible to manipulate. You can make your decision without any tension by selecting the best ICOs in retail from our list.

Retail ICOs are a new thing in the market with huge potential. You will find projects of varying nature each of which has to do something with retail. You can find a project that interests you and then check its rating and description for more information. All the retail blockchain ICO projects have an accurate start and end dates so that you know how long each one is valid and can make your decision on time.

You can choose a project in your preferred cryptocurrency such as NEO, Ethereum or Litecoin - there are no restrictions at all!

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