Real Estate ICO directory and ratings

Your Token to Real Estate!
Rate: 9 .0
start | 6 Aug
end | 6 Oct
Social community:
A Cryptocurrency Designed for Business and Entertainment
Rate: 9 .0
start | 12 Apr, 2018
end | 18 Dec
Social community:
Blockchain Ecosystem
Rate: 8 .8
start | 7 Oct
end | 27 Oct
Move Your Business Activities Story and Operations on Relatefacts
Rate: 8 .5
start | 14 Sep
end | 31 May, 2020
Bringing the Smart Mortgage to the world
Rate: 8 .5
start | 1 Sep
end | 30 Nov
Decentralized Protocol for Spatial XR apps
Rate: 8 .5
start | 1 Aug
end | 30 Nov
Global Property Register
Rate: 8 .5
start | 26 May
end | 1 Dec
International Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform
Rate: 8 .5
start | 1 Oct
end | 15 Dec
The First Blockchain B2B and B2C Hub
Rate: 8 .0
start | 30 Nov, 2018
end | 31 Dec
Empowering Growth With Economic Value
Rate: 7 .7
start | 23 Jun
end | 31 Dec, 2020
Global Regulator Compliant Exchange Platform
Rate: 7 .3
start | 26 Oct
end | 10 Jan, 2020
Making Real Estate Easy For Everyone
Rate: 7 .3
start | 23 Sep
end | 31 Dec
Blockchain Powered Investments
Rate: 6 .5
start | 12 Nov, 2018
end | 28 Feb
A Second Generation Cryptocurrency
Rate: 6 .4
start | 9 Mar
end | 9 Sep, 2020
DIC Token The Investment Partner
Rate: 5 .2
start | 18 Jul
end | 31 Dec
Seed of World (SOW) Token
Rate: 4 .9
start | 30 Sep
end | 15 Dec
Real World Problem Solving Blockchain Adoption
Rate: 4 .5
start | 1 Aug
end | 26 Mar, 2020
Timeless Luxury Group
Rate: 4 .2
start | 3 Apr
end | 2 Apr, 2020
The Project Intends Purchasing
Rate: 3 .2
start | 1 Feb
end | 31 Dec

Modern blockchain technologies allow to create new types of businesses and improve existing industries, creating comfortable conditions for all participants. Using blockchain in business allows to avoid unnecessary fees and all types of intermediaries, which makes cryptocurrency and Real Estate ICOs a promising business.

The use of ICO tokens in real estate for transactions significantly reduces fees. The opportunity to build p2p relationships in Real Estate ICO blockchain projects reduces overpayments by eliminating middlemen.

Emergence of new Real Estate ICOs allows you to organize a new type of relationship. Security of the blockchain network makes it possible to conduct Real Estate ICO as efficiently as possible. Introduction of modern technologies in such a successful business allows to attract new potential investors and develop real estate blockchain ICO industry.

Some projects have already actively completed ICO phase and successfully entered the market. Brightest representative of this industry is project Propy that offers unique working conditions. It is a global platform for buying and selling real estate that uses the blockchain to carry out cross border transactions.

Rentberry project paid more attention to the convenience and simplification of the rental system. This allows you to negotiate directly with parties involved and automates the rental process. You have the opportunity to sign contracts and pay for services using the framework. The project managed to attract $20 million in the first 2 weeks of ICO.

Another project based on the Ethereum blockchain is Vinestate. Its peculiarity is the ability to conduct fast and reliable worldwide transactions with high liquidity. Blockchain allows users to quickly and reliably make real estate transactions around the world and also quickly execute the necessary documents.

Development of new ICO crypto real estate projects has already borne fruit. Many organizers of the real estate cryptocurrency ICOs are successful businessmen. Professional traders and home buyers — all paid attention to crypto real estate ICOs. There are already blockchain real estate ICOs that have been able to collect over $20 million, and their number will grow. It is important for investors that along with the business development, the price of real estate coin ICOs is growing. Price of some real estate cryptocurrency ICOs has increased by several times after entering the market, which brought serious profits to investors.

We offer you a list of the best Real Estate ICO projects currently on the market. We have prepared a detailed analysis of each project. Using this list you can choose real estate coin ICOs that will grow. Our Real Estate ICO list is constantly updated. Every day we are looking for the most suitable projects to present to you.

We have gathered all of the best Real Estate ICO projects on the market for you in one place! Our Real Estate ICO list comes with detailed information to help you make a decision. You can also check the Real Estate ICO coin ratings, which indicate the potential of each Real Estate ICO.

You will find various blockchain Real Estate ICO projects dealing with mortgages and crowdfunding that are happening right now!

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