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The Future of Advertising Transaction
Rate: 8 .8
start | 1 May, 2018
end | 31 Dec
Social community:
Decentralized Protocol for Spatial XR apps
Rate: 8 .7
start | 1 Aug
end | 31 Aug
European Cryptocurrency Exchange
Rate: 8 .1
start | 1 Jul
end | 31 Aug
Virtual Reality Platform Token
Rate: 8 .1
start | 5 Feb
end | 5 Aug
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Crypto Insurance
Rate: 7 .7
start | 24 Jun
end | 30 Jul
Personal Data Monetization
Rate: 7 .6
start | 21 Jun
end | 28 Sep
Democratize Crypto Advertising & Marketing
Rate: 7 .6
start | 17 Jun
end | 31 Jul
The Future of AI-Powered Cybersecurity
Rate: 7 .6
start | 1 Jul
end | 30 Jul
Social community:
The Future Of Digital Advertising
Rate: 7 .4
start | 7 Jun
end | 7 Dec
Decentralized Protocol for XR and Spatial Apps
Rate: 7 .3
start | 1 Jul
end | 15 Aug
The World's First Cloud Design Platform
Rate: 7 .3
start | 1 Apr
end | 31 Jul
Decentralised Service Market
Rate: 6 .9
start | 27 Oct, 2018
end | 21 Aug
Social community:
World's First OS with Mining Management System
Rate: 6 .7
start | 22 Jan
end | 23 Nov
Social community:
Global IoT Standard
Rate: 5 .7
start | 3 Sep, 2018
Global E-Sports Eco-Trusted Network
Rate: 5 .5
start | 1 Jan
end | 31 Aug
A Suite of Financial Services That Starts With Blockchain Identity
Rate: 5 .4
start | 8 Mar
end | 21 Sep
World’s First Token Backed By MN & POS Crypto
Rate: 4 .6
start | 16 Jun
end | 30 Sep
Collaborative Social Shopping Platform
Rate: 4 .5
start | 18 Jun
end | 31 Jul
World's First Crypto Masternode Advertising Coin
Rate: 4 .4
start | 2 Sep, 2018
Social community:
Medical Cannabis for the Blockchain Era
Rate: 4 .1
start | 10 Jun
end | 1 Nov

The blockchain technology is being used across industries and businesses because of its convenience and immutable nature. It has the ability to resolve many issues that businesses are facing and helps to exchange information and manage agreements. Many industries such as cyber security, dating, agriculture, modeling, advertisement, logistics and others are using blockchain for greater efficiency and cost savings. There are many interesting projects featured in our Other ICO list here.

For example a cyber security project Polyswarm (polyswarm.io). It is the pioneering threat intelligence marketplace based on crowdsourcing and Ethereum smart contracts. The platform enables enterprises and antivirus companies to significantly improve and expand their scope of protection using Polyswarm against new and emerging threats. Threats are automatically detected by micro-engines and a group of global experts deliver the enhanced protection needed nowadays.

The dating project Luna (www.meetluna.com) is optimized with blockchain technology and brings a new turn in the industry with improved data security, visibility, quality and efficiency. You don’t need to pay anything and guaranteed to meet new and genuine people. The platform uses machine learning to find the best matches and you can even apply filters to narrow your search results. The system uses a unique method of “Stars” that are added to users’ wallets or can be used for charity donations.

Talking about agricultural projects, Essentia (essentia.one) is quite popular right now. It is a masternoded multi-chained range of protocols which connects decentralized and centralized resources to offer new powerful experiences and interactions. You can count on it as a decentralized data and interoperability management framework which enables enterprises to own and connect their data with various stakeholders.

You can become a part of popular ICO projects and also earn a good profit along the way. We have collected the best ICOs in the Other ICO category all of which are based on blockchain technology. You can go through the projects and read about their innovative approach. Full details are provided for each project along with top rating scores from experts in the cryptocurrency world. You will be able to compare the different projects based on ratings and information. The Other ICOs give you a wonderful opportunity to become a part of something innovative and generate profit. The ICOs are based on different popular cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum and NEO. You are free to take your pick based on your preferences! Be sure to choose the potential Other ICO projects before they end.

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