High Rated Health ICO Directory

Empowering Patients to Own Their Health Data
Rate: 9 .3
start | 10 Oct, 2019
end | 1 Jan, 2020
Revolutionising Healthcare
Rate: 7 .0
start | 15 Feb, 2019
Carbon Offset Initiative
Rate: 5 .2
start | 7 Oct, 2019
end | 7 Jan, 2020

Although there are plenty of health ICOs on the current initial coin offering market, new health-related ICO tokens are continuing to pop up, with new pitches for healthcare products and services. Through blockchain a lot of these health ICOs are looking to change how we deal with issues related to localized data storage, streamlined data, medical records, medical tourism, skincare intelligence, natural food-based ecosystems, and even an artificial intelligence medical ecosystem that communicates, handles, and processes medical information. These health ICOs are being developed to help lift up the medical sector into the new digital era of streamlining data processes, accelerating biotech breakthroughs, and even creating smart organic food fertilizers. And it is possible today thanks to the blockchain technology. Some of these health ICO options will help people by giving them access to individualized healthcare management, access to medical information, and even access to consumer-scheduled medical prescription delivery.

Some successful and notable healthcare blockchain projects include Solve.Care, that looks at improving healthcare administration, Medicalchain which stores electronic health records, and Skychain, a resource-based platform that helps medical professionals make accurate diagnoses. Other successful health related ICO tokens include TrustedHealth which deals with life-threatening diseases and Tag World Exchange which offers individuals the opportunity to buy into medical projects.

The list below shows currently active, upcoming, and ending healthcare related ICO tokens and their related projects. You will be able to sift through each available project to find out more in-depth details about it’s token abbreviation, current token value, and start and end date. If a project is in a pre-ICO stage, it will be denoted in parenthesis. All health ICOs will have their social media communities showcased, a link to their website, as well as a link to their available whitepaper and mission statement. Each project will have a general overview and will include current milestones and team information. You may also see a comparison and rating system, designed to be a convenient way to compare various ICOs.

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