Current Electronics ICO List With Ratings

Worldwide Innovative Heating Technology
Rate: 8 .8
start | 1 Dec, 2018
end | 31 Dec
Home of the Ultra-Secure Mining Smartphone
Rate: 8 .7
start | 2 Sep
end | 30 Nov
AI Simplification. Delivered.
Rate: 8 .4
start | 15 Apr
end | 29 Sep
Astrome’s Token Sale for Internet Services from Space
Rate: 7 .4
start | 23 Jul
end | 23 Sep
Decentralized Digital Billboards Network
Rate: 6 .0
start | 1 Aug
end | 31 Dec, 2020
Cyber Security Ecosystem
Rate: 6 .0
start | 1 Oct, 2018
end | 30 Dec, 2018
Digital Assets For Film Industry
Rate: 5 .9
start | 8 Jun
end | 8 Oct
Mining and Safe Storage of Cryptocurrencies in a Single Device
Rate: 3 .8
start | 20 Jun
end | 20 Jan, 2020
Innovative Architecture of ASIC-chips for Bitcoin Miners
Rate: 3 .7
start | 1 Jul, 2018
end | 1 Jul, 2020
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A Platform To Manage Cloud Mining Easily
Rate: 2 .6
start | 31 Jan
end | 30 Sep

With almost every sector being touched by initial coin offerings, the electronics industry is no exception. Despite the fact there are fewer electronics ICOs available in comparison to hot hitters like cryptocurrency, financial investments, and casino gambling, the electronics ICO offerings have something unique to give to benefactors. As the technology industry continues to increase, so too do projects that look to make our current technology more efficient. This has given a rise to electronic projects like artificial intelligence drone economies, digital collectibles, the decentralization of intellectual property, and even insurance networks that cut costs for safe drivers. Even “smaller time” projects are jumping into the mix, with electronics ICOs focusing on creating unified ecosystems for luxury watches, and even goods and service marketplaces. Current blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the consumer electronics market by making it more transparent, honest, and safe.

With blockchain technology, consumers will be able to enjoy digital ownership of electronics by combating counterfeiting, choosing responsible consumption, and having access to tamper-proof product history when it comes to a product’s maintenance, handling, and manufacturing processes. In addition to this, the blockchain allows electronics ICOs to use its ability to track complex supply chains, bringing product authenticity, higher ethical standards, and active consumer participation to the consumer electronics industry. An example of this would be the fact that consumers would be able to verify and validate the value of the products they are purchasing due to transparent business practices.

Although projects related to ICO electronics are fewer than other industries, the intersection between blockchain technology and consumer electronics has the possibility to open up huge business possibilities from manufacturer to buyer. To see more about the currently available pre-ICO and active electronics ICO projects, check out our complete list. Available information includes the project name, project mission, team portfolio, project website, token name, token value, token platform, and current milestones achieved.

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