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Introducing the Proof-of-achievement system
Rate: 9 .3
start | 20 Oct, 2019
end | 20 Dec, 2019
Diagnosis of Cars on the Blockchain
Rate: 9 .3
start | 1 Sep, 2018
Social community:
Access money anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.
Rate: 9 .2
start | 1 Jul, 2019
end | 31 Dec, 2019
The World’s 1st Green Renewable Energy Project
Rate: 9 .1
start | 30 Sep, 2019
end | 10 Oct, 2019
Crypto Bank Custom Coin
Rate: 9 .0
start | 12 Oct, 2018
end | 12 Nov, 2018
Social community:
Move Your Business Activities Story and Operations on Relatefacts
Rate: 8 .6
start | 14 Sep, 2019
end | 31 May, 2020
More than just a Digital Currency Exchange
Rate: 8 .0
start | 18 Jul, 2018
The Financial World Without Bank Fees
Rate: 7 .0
start | 14 Sep, 2018
Trade Cryptocurrency On Credit
Rate: 7 .0
start | 27 Mar, 2018
end | 27 Jun, 2018
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Universal Payment Ecosystem
Rate: 6 .5
start | 25 Aug, 2019
end | 30 Nov, 2019
Cyber Security Ecosystem
Rate: 6 .4
start | 1 Oct, 2018
end | 30 Dec, 2018
Integrated “Dark Pool” Technology
Rate: 5 .7
start | 1 Aug, 2018
end | 30 Oct, 2018
Social community:
Walleteum Every Where
Rate: 5 .5
start | 13 Jul, 2019
end | 13 Oct, 2019
Buy Bitcoin And Other Digital Assets
Rate: 5 .2
start | 1 Oct, 2019
end | 15 Oct, 2019
World's First Crypto Masternode Advertising Coin
Rate: 4 .7
start | 2 Sep, 2018
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As cryptocurrency continues to intrigue capital providers, businesses, and start-ups around the world, more and more companies are choosing to jump into the new cryptocurrency ICOs emerging on the market. This is because numerous projects are raising millions and billions of dollars, more than the project teams’ ever dream of, through the innovation of digital currency and blockchain technology. Even existing companies are choosing to adopt the blockchain and are creating and launching their own ICO cryptocurrency tokens as a way to bring new and fresh ideas to the table that need funding. Other than Bitcoin itself, other digital currencies have seen an increase in value which is what has led to the launching of new types of tokens and initial coin offerings. The reason there are so many new ICO cryptocurrency options is that the market has grown exponentially over the past few years and reached hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalization. Despite the fact that there are fears that the market will crash, the demand for top cryptocurrency ICO doesn’t seem to be diminishing. With this said, the list above features our complete directory of top ICO cryptocurrency projects spanning from trading ecosystems, to mortgage crowdfunding platforms, to cryptocurrency portfolio growth options, and decentralized social networks.

Our list features the best ICO cryptocurrency reviews of active, upcoming, and ending projects. You are able to see an extensive comparison list between all of the top cryptocurrency ICOs, when these projects started and what their intended end date is. All ratings are out of ten and all listings will give you access to the project’s social communities, what the project is about, what the intended mission is, what category each project fits under, and access to the project’s whitepaper. You will also be able to see the cryptocoin ICO token price, token platform, what the soft and hard cap is, and where it is restricted to in terms of country. Additional information about the project’s financial situation, milestones reached, team profile, and an in-depth “about” section will provide you with enough information to get a good understanding of what each new cryptocurrency ICO is about.

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