Complete List of Banking ICOs with detailed Rating

Access money anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.
Rate: 9 .1
start | 1 Jul
end | 31 Dec
First stable money in cash and blockchain form
Rate: 9 .1
start | 1 Dec
end | 31 Dec
Social community:
The World’s 1st Green Renewable Energy Project
Rate: 9 .0
start | 30 Sep
end | 10 Oct
Crypto Bank Custom Coin
Rate: 8 .9
start | 12 Oct, 2018
end | 12 Nov, 2018
Social community:
Move Your Business Activities Story and Operations on Relatefacts
Rate: 8 .5
start | 14 Sep
end | 31 May, 2020
UCBI Maroc Blockchain | Banking Worldwide
Rate: 8 .4
start | 18 Oct
end | 18 Jan, 2020
Blockchain-based Banking and Full Eco System
Rate: 8 .4
start | 22 Jul
end | 22 Jul, 2021
Reinvent the Way You Use Your Money
Rate: 8 .4
start | 1 Jun
end | 31 Dec
Redefine Trading, Beyond Exchange
Rate: 8 .1
start | 24 Sep
end | 9 Jan, 2020
The World's Local Bank STO
Rate: 7 .6
start | 15 Dec, 2018
end | 16 Feb, 2020
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Spend your cryptos in everyday life.
Rate: 7 .5
start | 1 Dec
end | 1 Jan, 2020
Cash Telex Coin Limited Time ICO
Rate: 7 .5
start | 10 Dec, 2018
end | 31 Dec
Global Regulator Compliant Exchange Platform
Rate: 7 .2
start | 26 Oct
end | 10 Jan, 2020
The Financial World Without Bank Fees
Rate: 6 .9
start | 14 Sep, 2018
Universal Payment Ecosystem
Rate: 6 .4
start | 25 Aug
end | 30 Nov
Global Listing Exchange
Rate: 5 .7
start | 15 Jan, 2018
end | 14 Jan, 2018
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A CryFto Approach to TradTech Banking
Rate: 4 .9
start | 30 Dec
end | 30 Mar, 2020
Built for You and Your Crypto Lifestyle
Rate: 4 .5
start | 1 Mar
end | 31 Dec
The Entrance Strategy is Actually More Important than the Exit Strategy
Rate: 4 .3
start | 10 Jun
end | 17 Dec
We Help our Clients Cope with the Ever-changing Demands of Regulation.
Rate: 3 .3
start | 20 Feb
end | 31 May

ICO Pulse directory has many projects associated with banking and financial operations. We are constantly updating our catalog where you can find most recent banking ICOs.

The blockchain was conceived and created as the core of the payment system, eliminating financial intermediaries and simplifying fund transfer operations. Over time, it became clear that blockchain has a lot more applications than initially expected. But banking ICOs remain one of the most popular directions and new cryptocurrency startups are created all the time.

Using blockchain technology in banking operations saves a lot of time on payment transactions and data processing. Distributed ledger simplifies information storage and makes it easier working with it. There is no need to establish trust between the parties involved in the financial transaction, so it eliminates intermediaries, as well as unnecessary costs. It is not possible to change the result of a transaction unnoticeably which simplifies security systems. All this makes banking operations more predictable, reliable, fast, simple and convenient for all parties involved in the process.

Some projects offer original solutions that can seriously improve the banking and financial systems. Their ideas are aimed at creating new business processes that increase the efficiency and flexibility of the infrastructure.

Banking startups have a very wide range of applications. This includes: lending operations, the creation of financial funds, payment systems, new types of banks, decentralized exchange platforms, investment and trading companies, financial accounting systems, money transfer and much more.

Participation in recent banking ICOs is beneficial for the funds contributors because money is not transferred to any items or services. Financial assets remain funds that work with real money even though it is cryptocurrency.

Ratings and reviews by experts at ICO Pulse provide important information about banking ICO projects which will help you make the best decisions possible and multiply your cryptocurrency assets.

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