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Upcoming ICOs and future token sales. Complete reviews of all active and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), token sales, and crowdsales. Our ICO reviews give you exclusive insight and analysis of new cryptocurrency ICOs.


Taxa Network ICO review

Modern developers are actively working to improve decentralized networks, which makes the internal ecosystem more productive and functional. But the question is – are...
ankr network ico review

Ankr Network ICO review

Many leading developers are currently working on cloud computing projects. This technology allows customers and companies to use third-party computing power. This reduces the...

DAV ICO review

The DAV ( project is interesting because even among innovative blockchain projects it is one of the most futuristic. The DAV platform was originally...
nex ico

NEX ICO review

Most modern cryptoexchanges are centralized, and do not work on blockchain, using standard algorithms instead. The consequence of this are regular hacker attacks and...
mevu ico

MeVu ICO review

MeVu ( is a blockchain platform that allows you to bet on the outcome of any event, from a major football match to an...
well ico review

WELL ICO review

Health is the most valuable resource a person has. And under normal circumstances, people always make great efforts to preserve and strengthen it. In...
atonomi ico review

Atonomi ICO Review

The "Internet of Things" is one of the most promising IT-spheres. Experts predict an increase in the industry capitalization to $ 0.5 trillion by...
keep network ico

Keep Network ICO review

Keep Network is one of the projects that offer not a niche product for a specific area (medicine, finance, commerce, etc.), but a comprehensive...
ICO digest

Weekly Most Interesting ICO Digest – 03/09/2018

We will consider several projects in today's digest. Each of them in its own way attracts attention of both potential investors and participants of...
Seele ICO review

Seele ICO: scam or an annoying misunderstanding?

The Seele project ( was positioned as Block 4.0. Despite the fact that most of the Blockchain 3.0 projects are still at the Pre-ICO...

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